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From Parents

"I am so happy my 9 year old son is taking Julia's classes. I think he will benefit from this his entire life!"


"De lessen van Julia Mandle zijn inspirerend en sluiten goed aan bij belevingswereld van de kinderen. Ze daagt ze uit om zelf grondig onderzoek te doen naar een onderwerp wat aansluit bij de actualiteit. De kinderen lerendiverse technieken toe te passen, om kritisch naar elkaars werk te kijken en om hun eigen visie te ontwikkelen. Echt een aanrader!" 

"My 8yo boy and 5yo girl LOVE Julia’s class! I’m so happy to have found something they can both enjoy together. Julia is kind and sweet with the kids, and they’re learning so much about different artists and techniques. After their first term I asked if they would like to continue, and I have literally never has such an enthusiastic “Yes!”. I have noticed that the kids are able to express themselves better through art at home and school too. Would totally recommend this course!"


"My sons are 8 and 6 and they love the Art LAB Workshops with Julia. I am now hearing mentions of Lee Krasner, Andy Warhol and Mondrian in casual conversation. "Did you learn that from Julia?" is becoming a standard in question in our house. The atmosphere of the class is super gezellig and the learning unfolds in a natural, fun way. When I asked my sons if they wanted to join the next couple of rounds of classes, I received two enthusiastic "yesses!" in response. No surprise, but a nice confirmation that this is one of their favorite activities and something they look forward to every week. Highly recommend to anyone interested in art class for their children."

"My 6 year old daughter cannot get enough of Julia's classes. This is an activity she is excited about and says she even wants to do when she's a grown up. She's learning new techniques and about different artists and art styles. The classes opens their minds to understanding how broad and personal art can be and gives them the opportunity to experiment with materials we may not use at home. As a parent I really enjoy reading Julia's updates letting us know what she's been up to in the class. We all know how little information we sometimes get from our little ones. Highly recommend this class."

"My 6-year old son and 8-year old daughter love this art class! I would not be exaggerating when I say that both of them have shed tears when we've had to miss a session. It is testament to Julia's gift, not only as an artist, but as a teacher that all the kids in her classes are so captivated. I believe the kids feel like they are part of a process, an artistic journey. They each get their own sketchbooks where they can recall the artists and styles they've learned about as well as how their own skills and style evolve. Art LAB provides a nurturing environment where kids can get excited about expressing themselves. Truly the delight of our week."

"The Art LAB Workshops are my daughters favourite part of the week. I have never seen her so engaged and happy to attend any of her after school activities more than this class. Julia not only teaches her drawing skills she also introduces new artists to my daughter and discusses and uses their techniques. I feel this is one of the best classes you could ask for if your child is artistically interested."

"My 4-year old children have really enjoyed Julia's classes. They look forward to them every week and although I expected them to be tired at the end of the week they are always excited to be there. I am so happy they are learning about art from a great artist such as Julia."

Mailing Address

Lumierestraat 77,

Amsterdam 1087JA

(available Tues-Friday)



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