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Number of Classes: 4

Class Duration: 90 minutes

"Klik" is the name of one of Julia Mandle's special educational projects. The short, intensive elementary school (group 6-8) course is the result of a collaboration with the photography archive Maria Austria Institute.

Using high technology and creative play, Mandle engages school children in the history of analogue photography and teaches them how to take beautiful photographs using iPads. She leads children through encounters with the work of several important Dutch photographers from the MAI archive. Children recreate these black & white images using iPads. In the process, they learn about composition, light and shadow and to reflect on aesthetic qualities of art photography. 

Each class involves play, discussion, reflection and hand's on photography. The intensive course results in an exhibition with astonishing results. 

Mailing Address

Lumierestraat 77,

Amsterdam 1087JA

(available Tues-Friday)



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